Transformations Recovery

This is supposed to be the about us page for Transformations Recovery, but it’s really about you, not us.  It’s about your needs, your dreams, your future, your life… and making that life healthier and happier.

We know every one faces challenges along the way. Sometimes you’re battered by emotions like helplessness, confusion, anger, or hurt. It may seem you’ve lost your direction and life is spinning out of control. You know life can be enhanced but you can’t seem to discover the path that leads to that more satisfying, contented place.

The First Thing You Need to Know

First, know that it’s okay. You’re okay.  You’re human.  You’re going to have issues to deal with.  We all do. Maybe you or someone you love is battling depression, drug addiction, or alcoholism.  Maybe you can’t control your anger or you’re overwhelmed by grief. Perhaps you’re struggling with a mood disorder or marital problems, or maybe you’re being overpowered by stress. If so, you may need a helping hand to boost you over the obstacles you’re facing.

We Are Here for You

The staff at Transformations Recovery, a division of Jupiter Counseling, are caring people skilled in helping individuals overcome life’s most challenging problems.  They understand that each of you is unique, that every life is composed of myriad aspects that affect each person differently.  Transformations Recovery takes a personal approach with each client, striving to find the individualized plan that offers you the maximum potential to succeed.

We believe every person is irreplaceable; each of you is valuable, unique, and deserves to have a healthy life.  You deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.  That’s what all of us at Transformations Recovery wants for you, too.

Our quest is to enhance the quality of your life and the lives of those people who love you.  We know that the support of your family and friends is fundamental to your recovery but we also know they need support, too. We’ll help them understand the issues confronting you and show them how to best help you while taking care of their own needs as well.

Transformations Recovery: How We Can Help

Transformations Recovery offers a variety of services.  If you need help managing alcohol or substance abuse or chemical dependency, we offer Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) that let you continue to work and live at home while learning new skills and coping strategies.  There are group programs for men or women, or co-ed groups are available.

Our family education programs help your family, friends, or significant others learn coping skills.  We teach them about issues like enabling and co-dependency and provide them with support and an outlet to share with others.  They’ll learn new methods to enhance and participate in your treatment and recovery and become a vital part of your journey towards wellness.

Working in partnership with Jupiter Counseling, Transformations Recovery can assess your physical, mental, and emotional status.  The staff takes each aspect into consideration when preparing your personalized treatment program.

Transformations Recovery Alumni

When your program is over, we don’t expect you to go it alone. Relapse is a chronic danger for people affected by addictions to drugs or alcohol. We understand that relapse is inevitable if nothing is done to prevent it so a key goal is to help you find strategies to avoid setbacks.

Transformations Recovery has an excellent alumni program that provides ongoing support to help you through tense moments that could trigger a relapse.  We’ll teach you to understand the warning signs, to overcome stressors that could initiate a slip back into negative behavior.

We’ve all got complications in our lives. The important thing is how you manage those challenges. You can struggle to overcome them by yourself or you can reach out and take the hand that is extended to you. You can grab that hand and pull yourself out of the quicksand dragging you down or you can ignore it and sink further into the mire.  If you’d rather accept a helping hand, reach for ours. Helping you help yourself is what Transformations Recovery is all about.

Transformations Recovery wants to help you find that happier, healthier life you deserve.  We accept most insurance and work with you to make it possible to get the skills you need to overcome your addictions, emotional disturbances, or mental health issues.  You don’t have to do this alone.  The help you need is just a phone call away.  Call Transformations Recovery and start transforming your life today.