Psychiatric Care

The term psychiatric care sounds a little scary sometimes. In reality, however, psychiatric care isn’t something to be afraid of; it’s something to embrace as a positive, proactive first step towards a more satisfying, less frightening, healthier life.  At Transformations, you’ll find caring professionals ready to help you take that courageous stride towards wellness.

What Types of Conditions Benefit from Psychiatric Care

There are myriad conditions that benefit from psychiatric care.  Some of those include depression, anxiety, bipolar, anger management issues, obsessive compulsive disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorders. People often seek guidance for marital problems, eating disorders, grief counseling, sexual issues, or other emotional and mental health concerns. Therapy is an excellent option when you really need someone to talk things over with.

Millions of people suffer from emotional or mental health conditions.  Those who are afflicted may not even be cognizant of what is troubling them, but they usually are aware that something doesn’t feel right.  They may not be willing to talk about the symptoms they are experiencing even with their closest friends.  They may think there is no one that would understand or they may be embarrassed by their situation.  At Transformations, there is always someone who cares, who understands, and who is ready to help.

Positive Therapy for Personal Growth

Therapy isn’t just for those with emotional or mental disturbances. Even though you might not have a diagnosed clinical condition, often people benefit from therapy when they are striving for personal growth and achievement.  Working with a therapist will let you discover obstacles that may be hindering you from reaching your goals. It will help you learn more about yourself and your relationships with others and lead you towards deeper inner satisfaction.

What Type Therapies are Available at Transformations?

Transformations is a division of Jupiter Counseling.  The center is focused on providing you with the best treatment options available.  We realize that the same therapy doesn’t work for everyone.  You are a unique individual who deserves personalized care.  Your therapist will talk with you one-on-one in a safe, comfortable, private environment and together you can plan your treatment care options.

In some cases, speaking with your therapist is the only treatment necessary.  In other instances, the best response comes from a combination of therapies and medicines. People suffering from depression or eating orders often benefit from this approach as do people with ADHD, bipolar condition, anxiety and other issues. If it is determined that medication may help alleviate your condition, Transformations will find the right treatment for you.

What about Addiction Therapy?

Alone or combined with individual counseling, group therapy is an option for those who are dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction. Transformations offers men’s groups, women’s groups, and co-ed groups.  These groups provide a secure, private environment where you can share and learn with other people also striving for sobriety.

Transformations’ Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) are an effective alternative to inpatient addiction treatments.  This program allows you to carry on with your life, working and living at home, while attending three hour sessions three times a week.  You’ll learn coping strategies to deal with your addiction and managing everyday life situations that may trigger a break from recovery. Because your addiction affects everyone who cares for you, friends and family can learn how to be a positive part of your recovery plan.  Transformations is proud to have helped many people suffering from addictions along the path to healthier, happier lives.

When is it Time to Consider Therapy?

There are a number of symptoms that might signal that therapy could be beneficial for you. One warning sign is if your issues are disrupting your daily life.  Are you losing sleep or feeling anxious all the time?  Has it affected your work or relationships with family or friends?  Have you experienced a panic attack or found you feel hopeless or desperate more often than not?  Has it affected your appetite, created mood swings, or caused you to be angry or fearful?  Has the pleasure gone out of life? These are all signs that you should consider seeking professional help.

The thought of psychiatric care causes many people to feel apprehensive, but it shouldn’t.  Seeking help to deal with your problems is a badge of courage, a signal that you are brave enough to find a solution to your troubles.  Transformations is here to help you travel towards wellness and a more enriched, satisfying life.  Be brave.  Start your life transformations today.