New Beginnings Alumni Group

When battling drug or alcohol addiction, relapse is an ever-present danger.  After you complete a treatment program where you were supported and guided along the road to recovery, managing you’re addiction on your own is a daunting proposition. Without continued assistance, setbacks are the norm rather than the exception. At Transformations, a division of Jupiter counseling, we understand the enormity of your challenge and provide each of our clients the benefits of membership in our New Beginnings Alumni program.

The Importance of Aftercare

By successfully completing a drug or alcohol treatment program, you’ve taken a giant stride towards managing your addiction, but most people are not instantly ready to proceed independently.  The critical time period immediately following treatment is when relapse most commonly occurs.  Aftercare often means the difference between continuing progress towards recovery or sliding into relapse.

The truth is there is no cure for addiction.  It’s a daily process and requires commitment and courage. Understanding the basis of addiction and the factors that contribute to the condition are important.  Developing coping strategies for dealing with temptation and cravings is critical.  Aftercare programs increase awareness of events that could trigger relapse and help you develop viable techniques that keep you moving in the right direction.

Members of aftercare programs also share recreational activities.  Addicts formerly spent their time entertaining themselves with drugs and alcohol.  Now those are off the table and new avenues of relaxation are vital to maintaining sobriety.  Boredom or loneliness can precede a relapse, sparking an urge to retreat into more familiar habits.  Enjoying time spent with other sober people is a powerful antidote.

New Beginnings Aftercare

Aftercare programs are created to help prevent relapse and to provide continued support to those who have completed treatment plans.  At Transformations, we call our aftercare program New Beginnings because that is what it represents.  Members each have an opportunity to begin their lives anew without the chains of continued drug or alcohol use pulling them down.

All clients who have completed a treatment program at Transformations are encouraged to become a part of the New Beginnings family.  You’re welcome to attend meetings and social functions as long as you like, but during the first year of recovery it’s particularly important to participate in ongoing support groups.  Without aftercare programs, it’s easy to fall into old familiar patterns.  Knowing you’re not alone in your battle makes it less stressful and strengthens your confidence and resolve.

Recovery may involve parting ways with people who don’t respect your desire for sobriety. By interacting with others who are also fighting to kick addiction, it’s easier to sustain your journey towards wellness. The relationships developed during aftercare are often invaluable assets that some group members maintain throughout their lives.

Learning to manage your disease is one of the hardest challenges you will ever face. You need every available tool and all the help you can get to succeed.  Aftercare programs are one more weapon in your arsenal, one huge stride towards wellness.  If you neglect to arm yourself with this defense, you leave yourself vulnerable.  After coming so far on your journey to recovery, don’t give up.  Keep your goals in sight, draw strength from people who care, and share lessons you’ve learned with others who need your help to maintain their own recovery.  By helping them fight their battles, you become stronger, more confident, and more motivated.  Aftercare is about people helping people build healthier, happier lives without resorting to the crutch of drugs or alcohol.

Transformations makes that possible for their clients.  New Beginnings Alumni group is a place where you can continue educating yourself, rejuvenate your determination, and renew your strength.  Completing a treatment program was the first step towards recover.  Aftercare is the next part of the journey.  Let Transformations help you achieve New Beginnings.