Women’s Intensive Outpatient Program

Both men and women are susceptible to the disease of addiction. Since both sexes are dealing with the same problem, it seems like the same rehabilitation treatments should work for either sex, but according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse that’s not true. They report men and women respond differently to addictions and some treatments work better for males while others are more effective for females.  That’s why you’ll find gender specific treatment programs available at Transformations, a division of Jupiter Counseling.

Why Gender Specific Rehab Programs are Winners for Women

Substance abuse treatment programs were originally designed for men because addiction has traditionally been considered a predominantly male problem. The fact is that substance abusers can be either males or females and treatment programs should recognize the differences between the two. Not only do men and women have different biological responses to substance abuse, they also react differently in other ways.

In women only programs, the environment and atmosphere is designed to put females at ease, a place where they can explore both their challenges and their strengths. Research shows that women who are substance abusers have usually experienced some type of trauma or been influenced by social issues, while men are more commonly battling anger or defiance issues.  In a male-free sanctuary, women feel safer emotionally as well as physically. Establishing a feeling of safety is a key step in the process of recovery.

Many addicted women have been victims of abuse or other traumatic experiences. Men react differently to trauma than women do.  Women commonly develop mental health conditions such as depression, low self-esteem, or anxiety disorders. The use of drugs and alcohol is often initiated as a means to mask pain and unhappiness so those issues need to be addressed before recovery is possible.

Transformations’ Women Only Intensive Outpatient Program

It is often difficult for women to go into a residential treatment program. Many have children and are unable to find childcare for an extended period; they can’t afford to walk away from their jobs, or other obstacles frequently prevent females from seeking inpatient treatment. Transformations’ Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) removes many of those hurdles.

The women only IOP at Transformations makes it easier for females to get the help they need.  This program allows women to remain in their homes and continue working.  Participants attend three hour classes three days a week. Sessions are available either during the day or in the evenings, so they can be worked around most any schedule.

In the all-female environment, it’s easier for women to discuss issues they might not be able to comfortably address if men were included in the group. Love, sex, parenting, abuse and trauma, or other personal subjects are dealt with. Focus is placed on acquiring new coping skills and developing productive strategies for dealing with stress and challenges.  They learn techniques that help prevent relapse and discover new ways to improve their self-image and confidence.

This is a safe haven where women can share with other women who are dealing with similar types of traumas and life experiences.  They don’t have to worry about men intimidating them, misinterpreting their actions, or preying on their vulnerabilities. No boys allowed in this club.

Families are a Part of Transformations

When one member of a family is struggling with substance abuse, all family members are effected, including the children. Transformations wants to help everyone in your family open new doors to a healthier way of life. That’s why family education programs are available in concert with women’s IOPs.  It’s important family members understand the challenges faced during the recovery process, how to help you maintain sobriety, and how to care for their own psychological wounds.  The aim is make your family unit stronger, happier, and united.

Women who are addicted to drugs or alcohol often show the world a tough exterior, but inside, they are hurting.  If you or a women you care about needs to heal wounds and find the road to recovery, Transformations wants to help.  This is a comprehensive treatment center that provides understanding, guidance, and direction for women with addictions.  We treat the woman along with the addictive behavior.  Reaching out to accept a helping hand doesn’t make you weaker, it makes you stronger.  Find the strength to call Transformations today and start the transformation to recovery.